The Outback Trailblazer is a soft adventure 8 day 4WD tag-a-long event created to showcase the best of Outback Queensland whilst stimulating the economy in regional towns visited en route.

Our History

Six years ago, a couple of true Outback Aussies dreamed of opening up the Outback to the city folk through an amazing tag-along event-filled journey of Outback Queensland. The goal of the event was to showcase the beauty and character of our small communities and to inject welcome funds into their towns. Every year, it’s a different itinerary, so we are inclusive of all communities. In addition to the enormous economic benefit to these communities, the Outback Trailblazer program brings a lot of fun and entertainment to towns with a program of key town events - coordinated by an artistic director!

Here and Now

Since 2015, Outback Trailblazer has been operated by RAPAD – comprising of the seven Central West Queensland Councils. Moving forward the event will continue to evolve with an annual Trailblazer event held every October and introducing visitors to more of our beautiful destination. Funds raised will be donated to a selection of regional charities. For 2016 they are Angel Flight and Waltzing Matilda Centre Rebuild. Trailblazers get to join the ultimate Outback Queensland adventure, secure in the knowledge that they are travelling with a knowledgeable support and technical crew.